I am not single


Why is is that some people hear “I have a boyfriend who is in prison” as “I’m single”. Just because he isn’t around does not mean that I am looking for a replacement or someone to keep me occupied until he is out. He might not be there physically but, at risk of sounded massively soppy, he is always in my heart and so to me, he IS always there.

I am fairly private regarding who I tell about my boyfriend being in prison, I know people are quick to judge and I have learnt from experience that they WILL judge (whether that’s to your face or not is another matter), and quite frankly I don’t want their opinion and so I keep myself to myself when it comes to my love life. Don’t get me wrong, it is by no means out of embarrassment of where he is or what he has done, I am proud to call him my boyfriend. If anything, it is because I feel very overprotective over him and our relationship.

So when I DO tell somebody about my other half being in prison for whatever reason – it really winds me up when they prove my point and deal with it in the complete wrong way. I don’t expect people to understand and that’s OK. I won’t pretend that I understood before I was in the situation myself and having an opinion on other people’es lives is just something we naturally do as humans and so I don’t expect people to “get it”, but what I do expect is respect.

Unfortunately, there have been multiple occasions where a man has asked me where my boyfriend is and upon telling them, they respond with something along the lines of “so you’re single then?” No, no I’m not single. “But he’s not around?” And they completely fail to comprehend that I could be in a happy relationship with someone who is behind bars.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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