The hard days – just a moan

On the whole I am a very positive person. Yes my boyfriend being in prison sucks, but being sad about it won’t change anything and so I just get on with it and look forward to the day he gets out. 
Sometimes though, it all gets too much. Today is one of those days. My life at the minute is pretty intense and lots of little things have been building up today and got on top of me. I’m struggling, but no one knows how to make me feel better. My family and friends are making me feel worse because they don’t know how to make me laugh or how to deal with me when I’m unhappy. He does, but he’s not here. Not only is he not here but I don’t even know when I’ll next hear from him or see him. 

All I need right now is to climb into bed with him and for him to make everything OK. I have a long wait until I can have that. When I feel like this, his release date feels like an eternity away and no one in my life understands that.

Most of the time, I’m OK and this prison sentence is just something temporary that we have to deal with but tonight it is not OK and I am not OK.

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